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Tummy Tuck surgery aims to remove excess stretched skin and underlying fat pad from the lower abdomen, whilst repairing any hernias and realigning the rectus muscles into their normal position, thus tightening the waistline.

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Common consequences of childbearing are stretch marks, excess skin and excess lower abdominal fat pad.  As well as that with multiple children the risk of front abdominal muscles drifting apart increases and can lead to hernias in some cases or significant bulging of abdominal contents through the midline of the abdomen.

Tummy Tuck Sydney, Bella Vista and Bowral

The aim of an Abdominoplasty or a Tummy Tuck Surgery is to remove sagging skin and excess fat from the middle and lower abdomen and repair any separated muscles. This cosmetic surgery procedure can be very effective in reducing the bulge caused by excess skin, fat and loose abdominal muscles. The result is a flatter, firmer and more shapely abdomen.

While an abdominoplasty can be a cosmetic procedure, it may also be partly a reconstructive procedure that is necessary to:

  • Correct abdominal abnormalities caused by pregnancy, obesity, extensive weight loss, trauma, tumours or other diseases
  • Correct or relieve structural defects of the abdomen
  • Improve function of abdominal muscles
  • Create a more normal appearance of the abdomen
  • Repair an abdominal hernia that has followed previous abdominal surgery
  • Remove large and distressing apron of fat, also called a “pannus,” that can cause chronic dermatitis, skin infection, difficulty in walking and difficulties with hygiene. An “apronectomy” is the name given to the surgical removal of a pannus.

The need to knows

  • Performed under general anaesthesia
  • Inpatient surgery
  • Length of surgery is 2-3 hours
  • Most patients return to work in approximately 14-21 days and should avoid strenuous activity for 6 weeks.
  • Results are seen straight away but will continue to improve up to 6 months post-operatively; however, this varies from one person to another

Tummy tuck surgery can be very effective in reducing the bulge caused by excess skin, fat and loose abdominal muscles.

The benefits of tummy tuck surgery

Many people require tummy tuck surgery after significant weight loss or multiple pregnancies when the stomach muscles have become stretched, and diet and exercise are not making the desired changes. A tummy tuck can tighten weak muscles, while removing excess skin and fat, giving the appearance of a flatter abdomen. For some patients, tummy tuck surgery can help improve their posture.

Am I The Right Candidate For This

It is a significant operation but is a well tolerated one, and importantly the results are long-lasting. The scars can be hidden in the bikini line and are not usually obvious. This surgery requires special surgical expertise to minimise potential complications and to achieve good aesthetic results.

The tummy tuck procedure is not a solution for major weight-related problems and should not be considered as a weight-loss method. If you are a smoker or suffer extreme obesity this procedure is not appropriate for you.

We recommend viewing before and after photos of the procedure to gain a better understanding of expected results. You will also want to consider a number of elements before deciding on the tummy tuck including plans to lose weight or have children as well as the possibility of scarring on your abdomen and necessary recovery time.

Dr. Michael Yunaev does not recommend this procedure for people who are:

  • Not able to have an anaesthetic
  • Prone to bleeding tendencies or have poor healing ability
  • Too high risk of having surgical complications
  • Abdominoplasty is not a substitute for weight loss or as a replacement to an appropriate exercise program. Keep in mind that while the results of the procedure are technically permanent, the positive outcome can be significantly diminished by significant fluctuations in your weight.

For that reason, you may be asked to consider delaying the procedure if you are:

  • In the process of losing weight, or are going to lose a lot of weight
  • Planning to get pregnant, as the result of the surgery may be lost

Abdominoplasty may be a good option for you if:

  • You are physically healthy and at a stable weight
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You are a non-smoker or have stopped smoking
  • You are bothered by the feeling that your tummy is too large

Abdominoplasty is not a substitute for weight loss or as a replacement to an appropriate exercise program. Keep in mind that while the results of the procedure are technically permanent, the positive outcome can be significantly diminished by significant fluctuations in your weight.

Start a conversation with the team at the Breast & Body Clinic to find out how we can better support you. We offer Tummy Tuck Sydney in the eastern suburbs and inner west, as well as Tummy Tuck Bowral services at our Southern Highlands clinic. It’s never been easier to get the advice you need to make an informed choice. Our procedures are available at:

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Before and After

Tummy tuck surgery can be very effective in reducing the bulge caused by excess skin, fat and loose abdominal muscles. The result is a flatter, firmer and more shapely abdomen.


Cost of Tummy Tuck Surgery

The tummy tuck surgery surgical fee starts from $9,000 after rebates or $106 A Week* (Only $38/Week For Mini Tummy Tuck) with no interest and minimal upfront setups fees,

All procedures performed by Dr. Michael Yunaev are carefully tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Therefore, it’s difficult to answer general questions, such as: How much is a tummy tuck? As Surgical Tummy Tuck costs in Sydney vary from operation to operation.

A consultation will provide you with a clear surgical plan along with information about any applicable options that are available to you. The initial appointment with Dr. Yunaev incurs a charge of $260, with the potential to receive a refund from Medicare for particular procedures, the Medicare rebate is $73 in cases where a referral is given.

A precise surgical quote is given to each patient after consultation with Dr. Yunaev, once the patient needs have been fully assessed. Based on this assessment, the patient will be provided with an individual and personalised surgical quote.

Additionally, some procedures may be eligible for a private health fund rebate. This can be discussed at a consultation, and will also vary from case to case. For more information, or to arrange a consultation please contact us here.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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Dr. Michael is a Specialist OncoPlastic and Cosmetic Breast and General Surgeon and is the Principal Doctor at Breast & Body Clinic. Dr. Yunaev is a highly trained Surgeon with extensive experience and passion for treatment of all aspects of Aesthetic Breast and Body Surgery, Breast Cancer Surgery, Benign, and Congenital Breast Disease, as well as General Surgery.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I be considering the tummy tuck procedure?

The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is suitable for those who wish to remove loose skin or excess fat around the area of the abdomen. The procedure works to tighten the abdominal muscles improving both the contour and function of the area. Some of the main benefits of the abdominoplasty procedure include increased strength, lessened back pain, and in some cases, improved bladder control. Many patients also feel an increase in their confidence due to their renewed physical appearance and better fitting clothes.

Am I suitable for tummy tuck surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery patients can range from people with a small roll beneath the bellybutton to people who have experienced significant weight loss. An individual assessment is required to determine the appropriate operation for your situation. Breast & Body Clinic will schedule a consultation with you for precisely that.

Can abdominoplasty be performed at the same time as other procedures?
It is quite common to combine abdominoplasty with other procedures to save on costs and reduce the amount of time spent in hospital and during recovery. Liposuction is a popular combination with the tummy tuck, offering a re-work and contour of the entire stomach and surrounding areas.

Abdominoplasty can also be combined with breast surgeries such as augmentation, enlargement, breast lifts and reductions. Ask the team at Breast and Body Clinic about our “mummy makeover” procedures which work to combine surgeries that are quite popular with women post-childbirth.

Should I be undergoing liposuction or tummy tuck surgery?
Liposuction may well be appropriate for your situation if you have good, elastic skin and excess fat. Significant excess skin or masses of stretch marks are better suited to tummy tuck surgery. Your specific situation will be determined during your consultation to select the appropriate procedure.

What will happen during the consultation?
The first step in your journey is the consultation, during which your current health situation, goals and expected physical outcomes will be evaluated to ensure that an Abdominoplasty is right for you. Our experienced team will take into account any current medications, allergies and past medical treatments to be entirely confident this procedure is your best course of action.

Assuming the abdominoplasty is approved for your situation, photos of your trunk and abdomen will be taken which will be used to plan the surgery. These can also be used post-surgery to help you assess the results. All photographs are kept strictly confidential.

During this time there will be an in-depth discussion about your recovery process and possible risks of the surgery. The team at Breast and Body Clinic want you to feel comfortable in asking any questions you may have at any point throughout the process so that you feel comfortable with everything that is and will take place.

How long is the hospital admission and the recovery from tummy tuck surgery?
Depending on the size of the tummy tuck the surgeries can range from day-only procedures to an admission to hospital for three to five days. For most patients, they require two to four weeks off work, depending on the size of their procedure and the type of work they do.

What will happen during the procedure?
The procedure will be performed under general anaesthetic with an incision made below the bikini line to make the covering of any scarring easier. Once the incision is made, skin and fat are separated and stretched to lessen the gap between them. Loose skin is pulled down and tightened with any excess being removed. The belly button is repositioned with the incision being closed with dissolving stitches.

Dressings will then be applied with compression garments that will need to be maintained for roughly three weeks. This will help to minimise any swelling, speed up the healing process and offer a more desirable result.

The procedure will take roughly 2-3 hours in total.

Do I have other options similar to a tummy tuck?
The choice of procedure is dependent on the area of fat on your abdomen that you wish to address. A liposuction procedure is a similar option; however, it is not suitable if there is a need to tighten muscles or skin.

Will I have any visible scarring?
The size and placement of scars left by tummy tuck surgery will vary between patients, but there will undoubtedly be a level of visible scarring. The positioning of the incision will be such to make any resulting scarring easy to cover.

What can I expect post-surgery?
The healing process will begin to reveal a firmer and sleeker abdomen. It is strongly recommended that this procedure is combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain your new look.

You will notice that most of the swelling has subsided roughly six weeks after the operation; however, it can take up to three months to truly understand the results. Any scarring will eventually fade, often taking up to one year to finish subsiding.

Immediately after surgery you will be able to move around, but it is recommended that you take two to three weeks off of work depending on the amount of physical activity in your job. A complete recovery is considered around the six-week mark; however, you can resume light exercise after about three weeks.

It is recommended that a certain level of movement is achieved post-operation to promote blood circulation which assists in the healing process. This can include light movements such as bending and light lifting. It is also recommended that you sleep on your back or sides for the first few weeks after the procedure.

What risks are associated with the procedure?
All surgical procedures are accompanied with potential risks and complications. In the case of an abdominoplasty, the associated risks can include:

  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Hematoma formation
  • Scarring
  • Issues with the anaesthetic
  • Allergies
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Excessive Pain
  • Asymmetry of the abdominal region
  • Altered abdominal sensation
  • Numbness
  • Elevation of pubic hair

Please note that the team at Breast and Body Clinic are well-trained and operate in a high-quality facility, taking every precaution to ensure that risk levels are as low as possible as the safety of our patients is our primary concern.


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