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Breast Procedures

For comfort and confidence, trust Dr Yunaev and his expert team with a new look for your breasts. There are many options to find the right cosmetic path for you, as detailed below.

Breast Surgery

Sydney Breast Surgery Procedures

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Breast Augmentation / Breast Implants

Breast augmentation with breast implants in Sydney is the right procedure for your aspirations

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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer breast augmentation is designed to increase the size of the breasts using carefully harvested fat cells using a liposuction procedure, therefore creating fat reduction in the harvest region and volume increase in the desired areas.

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Breast Lift With Implants

Breast mastopexy with implants and augmentation is performed with the aim of enlarging the size and giving a more preferable shape and placement of the breast

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Breast Lift With Fat Transfer

A breast lift with fat transfer, as opposed to implants, is becoming a more popular procedure as the fat grafting technique is a safe breast augmentation with desirable results.

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Breast Reduction And Lift

Uniquely tailored and perky breasts to provide back pain relief or a more desired aesthetic are now more affordable

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Breast Implant Revision

Breast implant revision surgery is performed to handle any issues of breast augmentation caused by previous aesthetic or reconstructive surgeries.

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Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is usually a congenital breast tissue, and many causes can lead to asymmetric breast development.

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Tuberous Breast Correction Without Implant

A tuberous breast correction without an implant is part of the range of options available to help change the look and shape of your chest, increasing confidence in your appearance.

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Mummy Makeovers (Combined Breast and Abdomen Surgery) Sydney

The Mummy Makeover surgery package is composed of a combination of techniques to provide patients with a harmonious result and achieves a pre-pregnancy aesthetic appearance.