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The Breast & Body Clinic team, led by Dr Michael Yunaev, are focused on working closely with our patients to create a look they can be comfortable with and proud of. Your cosmetic surgery journey is in safe hands at our practice.

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A personalised approach offered by Breast & Body Clinic


A body that brings you joy, confidence and comfort; that is the goal for every Breast & Body Clinic patient.

No matter what condition or issue brings you through the Breast & Body Clinic doors, the mission is the same; a positive outcome that improves your daily life. Dr Yunaev works closely with all patients to achieve this, ensuring their needs are met, and the right solutions are found for their unique situation.

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With years of experience as a highly trained Surgeon, Dr Yunaev has extensive experience in all aspects of Aesthetic Breast and Body Surgery, General Surgery, Breast Cancer Surgery, and Benign and Congenital Breast Disease. Using the most advanced technology available in cosmetic surgery, he and his team ensure the best possible outcome for every patient with thorough care. With a personalised approach, Dr Yunaev will address all concerns and ensure expectations are met.

If you have an issue that you want to be rectified but are unsure of the best path forward, speak with Dr Yunaev today. He will take the time to discuss the cause of your problem, evaluate the best options, and explain each of them in great detail. No further steps will be taken until you are entirely comfortable with the proposed plan. In some cases, surgery may not be your best option, in which case Dr Yunaev will explain your best option. The right solution for every patient is the true goal at Breast & Body Clinic.

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Why Are We Different

Few surgeons take the time that Dr Yunaev takes with patients to ensure a positive experience and outcome.

The personalised approach offered by the team at Breast & Body Clinic is not only designed to achieve results but ensure a positive and comfortable experience along the way.

As a Specialist Breast and General Surgeon, Dr Yunaev specialises in and has a passion for breast cancer surgery, oncology techniques for breast conservation, and breast reconstruction and functional and aesthetic breast and body surgery. His in-depth understanding of the Breast Disease process and treatment gives him a unique lens through which he views cosmetic surgery. For Dr Yunaev, his field is about positive life changes for all of his patients.

It is with this compassionate approach to surgical improvement that Dr Yunaev and his team achieve excellence. With a stunning portfolio and patients that travel great distances for his expertise, you are in truly safe and skilled hands at the Breast & Body Clinic.

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