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Breast implant revision surgery is performed to handle any issues of breast augmentation caused by previous aesthetic or reconstructive surgeries.

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When Can I Go Back to Work After Breast & Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Michael Yunaev recommends implant surgery if you develop any of the following problems:

  • Asymmetry – breasts that are dissimilar or lopsided
  • Bottoming Out – implant has dropped below nipple – nipple sits too high on the breast
  • Capsular Contracture – a complication resulting in hardening of the implant pocket
  • Double Bubble – a crease across the lower part of the augmented breast (2 breast mounds)
  • Breast Implant Removal Surgery – removing aging or unwanted implants
  • Breast Implant Removal and Replacement – typically for a modern implant or size change
  • Rippling or Wrinkling – wavy, unnatural skin texture usually on top of the breast
  • Ruptured Implant – to remove, rectify and possibly replace an implant
  • Symmastia – implants too close together crossing the midline (creating a uni-boob)
  • Alternatively, if you have been disappointed by surgery performed elsewhere and now want Dr. Michael Yunaev to review and revise their surgery. The goal with every breast revision procedure at the Breast and Body Clinic is a more preferable breast contour and youthful appearance.

Breast implant revision surgery deals with any issues relating to breast augmentation from previous aesthetic or reconstructive surgery that may have been performed.

How will breast implant revision help my situation?

You may require breast implant revision surgery for a number of reasons, but they all have the same end goal; improving the results of an earlier breast augmentation.

The changing of implant sizes is one of the most common reasons for breast implant revision surgery. Some wish to have their implants removed completely. Breast implant revision can also suit minor changes like asymmetry following an initial augmentation.

Breast revision surgery can also replace a faulty implant if there are signs of leakage. Implant edges can sometimes be visible under the skin or implants can become deflated or reveal visible ripples on the skin’s surface.

Another complication of breast augmentation is capsular contracture, which is the growth of hardened scar tissue causing discomfort in the breast. Revision surgery can remove this scar capsule. Over the years, surgical techniques and materials have improved. Breast implants are much more supportive and strong; however, they do not last forever. Most women with breast implants will require breast revision surgery at some stage.

The changing of implant sizes is one of the most common reasons for breast implant revision surgery. Some wish to have their implants removed completely.

Are you suitable for this procedure?

There may have been no issues with your breast implant procedure when it was first performed, however, there can be shifts and changes which occur as time passes.

This surgery may be suitable for you if the following points apply to your current situation:

  • You are in good health
  • You’re a non-smoker
  • You wish to change the size of your breasts
  • You have a breast asymmetry that needs correcting
  • Issues have developed in the breast tissue or with your implants
  • The appearance of your implants has altered post-pregnancy
  • There has been a significant fluctuation in your weight which has affected the appearance of your breasts
  • You require a breast lift
  • A previous surgery has left you dissatisfied
  • You would like the removal of your breast implants
  • You have realistic expectations for this procedure and are in good health

There can be issues with implants or breast tissue as time passes, as a result this procedure is not a simple one. It requires specific expertise which Dr. Yunaev specialises in.

We mention the fact that you will need realistic expectations as with each revision, the chances of the results appearing as they did in the first procedure lessen. That being said, we aim to achieve and outcome that our patients will be very happy with and will do everything possible to rectify any issues you may currently be facing.

Discuss your requirements with the team at our clinics to find out how we can best serve you. The Breast & Body Clinic provides Breast revision Sydney, Bella Vista & Bowral from several locations across Sydney’s east and inner west. Getting the advice and help you need convenient and straightforward. Find us in:

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Before and After Examples

It is important to note that Breast Reconstruction Surgery is much more difficult to achieve results that were possible in the first operation at the second or third operation and therefore it is essential to have realistic expectations before embarking on this.

Breast Revision cost Information

Surgical costs can be different for every patient, as everyone has different needs and requirements. This also affects the associated costs. For the surgical fee of a breast revision the starting price is $4000 after rebates or $43 A Week* with no interest and minimal upfront setups fees. The procedure performed by Dr. Yunaev at Breast & Body Clinic is a premium service and the exact costs specific to your situation will be given during your consultation once we have had the opportunity to evaluate your needs.

A precise surgical quote is given to each patient after consultation with Dr. Yunaev, once the patient needs have been fully assessed. Based on this assessment, the patient will be provided with an individual and personalised surgical quote.

All procedures performed by Dr. Michael Yunaev are carefully tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Therefore, medical costs vary from operation to operation. A consultation offers a clear surgical plan with information about the various options available. An initial appointment with Dr. Yunaev is charged at a fee of $260, with the potential to receive some refund from Medicare for some procedures, the Medicare rebate, if the patient has a referral, is $73.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Your breast revision at Breast & Body Clinic

Dr. Yunaev, along with the team here at Breast & Body Clinic, prides themselves on a high-quality and caring patient experience. Personalised care to ensure the best outcomes for each patient. Cosmetic surgery is not a one size fits all approach and we focus on providing natural-looking results.

Dr. Yunaev received his accreditation through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). His experience involves training in general surgery, specialist training in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, and a further four years of Aesthetic Surgery training all part of his more than ten years’ Surgical Experience

Breast & Body Clinic also offers flexible payment options and is a licensed clinic and surgery in an accredited hospital to ensure safety levels are as high as possible. Call us on (02) 9819 7449 or send us your questions to and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Dr. Yunaev specialises in the following procedures:


Patient Review

You can read reviews of Breast & Body Clinic from our valued patients who have come to us with a range of issues requesting our help..

We love receiving reviews, however, legally medical practices are unable to publish testimonials on their websites. Please have a look at our work via these links:

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Revisions due to textured breast implants

More women are becoming increasingly worried about textured breast implants, especially considering the large amount of media attention they have received of late. Textured breast implants have been used by surgeons in the past as they have a rough surface which grips the tissue secures the implant to decrease movement. This also reduces the risk of rotation or rippling that can misshape the chest.

The issue, however, is related to new data from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that has found 457 cases of breast implant associated lymphoma in women with heavily textured breast implants. This has led to textured breast implants being removed from the market in France and Europe; however, they are still available here in Australia.

Dr. Yunaev and the Breast and Body Clinic ceased any use of highly textured breast implants since 2014 the minute data was released connecting them to a risk of a rare condition called ALCL, which is a type of lymphoma mentioned above. The data suggests that the amount of implant texturing is relevant and that other aspects such a individual susceptibility and insertion technique are equally as important. Our current preference is to use micro- and nano-textured breast implants, as they still have the benefits of textured implants without the risks of heavily textured implants or where applicable, a fat transfer is also a great option to reduce the risks..

If you have a heavily textured implant or unsure about the type you have and are anxious, it may be advisable to have a review as breast revision surgery may be an option. Dr. Yunaev is a Specialist OncoPlastic Breast Surgeon with extensive experience in the treatment of all aspects of Breast Cancer Surgery so he is very familiar with all the issues listed above.

The Challenges and risks of breast revision surgery

A breast revision procedure is quite different from other surgeries performed at the Breast and Body Clinic and in turn, presents its own unique challenges and risks. We will look at some of those now; however, it is vital to remember that this is very subjective. Every woman who is considering a breast revision is in a specific situation with varying needs, so a consultation is the only way to give the correct information applicable to you.

The unique challenges that breast revision surgeries pose are often due to the removal of a previous implants, which does not happen in other procedures. There may be issues left by the original implant which need to be addressed. These can include:

  1. Scar tissue
  2. Stretched breast tissue
  3. Other possible anatomical changes
  4. Problems related to implants themselves

For these reasons, the placement and appearance of the new implant will vary for every case. Dr. Yunaev has the specific knowledge, experience and training to ensure the breast is prepared correctly for the new implant giving the best possible chance at the outcome you desire.

As with any medical procedure, there are certain risks associated, and breast revision surgery is no exception. While the following risks are indeed small, they are certainly a possibility. The main risks associated with surgery are an infection, blood clots, allergic reactions to anaesthesia, or deep vein thrombosis. Breast revision surgeries share these risks.

The risks unique to this procedure include capsular contracture, or internal scarring, due to the implant placement or the possibility of implant rupture. These risks are minimised and the chance of experiencing them very low, however, in the capable hands of Dr. Yunaev and his team. Breast revision surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries globally, and the risks listed above are very rare. While we strongly recommend being aware and informed of all risks associated with a procedure, there is no need to let it deter you from improving your situation if you are considering surgery.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I should be considering a revision?
Many women fail to realise they can have their breasts redone and decide to live with the problems or hope they just resolve themselves.

The are many reasons why a breast revision surgery may be necessary, or even just preferred. We recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Yunaev as the first step to get a definitive answer and determine if breast revision surgery will improve your situation. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, however, then a breast revision may be right for you:

  • Decrease or increase in breast size
  • Ruptured or deflated implants
  • Malpositioned implants which are beginning to, or do, look unnatural
  • Problems with scar tissue
  • Drooping breast tissue
  • Wriggling or rippling
  • Malpositioned nipples

The general rule for implants is that they will last around 10 and 15 years before requiring some sort of action or replacement. Larger implants, in particular, can cause issues as they need to deal with gravity and the added weight will affect the shape and size of the breast over time.

Dr. Yunaev and Breast and Body Clinic aim to improve long-term satisfaction so that women can be confident in their appearance and also keep healthy and safe.

What is involved in the procedure?

Breast implant revision is dependent on the reasons for the surgery. Implant replacement or removal has a varying process to the removal of scar tissue. Breast implant revision overall is considered to be similar to the initial augmentation procedure.

Breast implant revision can also sometimes be combined with a breast lift or liposuction.

What is involved in recovery?

You will likely experience some initial discomfort, swelling and bruising after breast implant revision surgery. When this begins to pass you may feel more comfortable following revision surgery, and you should be able to return to work in a week or two.

The primary goal of breast implant revision and the team at Breast & Body Clinic is to help you feel better about a previous breast augmentation.

What can I expect as a result?
We understand the irony in hoping for a good result in a surgery that is revising issues from a previous procedure. That being said, breast revision surgery often provides relief or more confidence in any problems that may have occurred from your original breast implants. The issues can be due to natural body changes or issues with the implants or surgeries.

Some of the possible outcomes that can be expected can be improved skin tone, reduced drooping and sagging, improvements in breast shape, size and feel along with better breast projection. These are all case specific and will be determined by the issues you are facing. The problems with implant rupture are very low, but it does happen.

It is also important to note that you should not experience much more scarring as a result of breast revision surgery. Often, the original incision locations will be used for the revision surgery. The results of a breast revision procedure can last a long time, restoring comfort, confidence, and pleasure in appearance so that you can live your best life.


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