Scarless Breast Reduction: Is it Possible?

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FWe often tell our patients that any kind of invasive surgery is likely to result in some scarring. The intensity of that scar depends on a range of factors, however, including the healing ability of the patient, size, and time passed. Most scars will lessen in intensity over the years, but won’t entirely disappear.

Here at the Breast and Body Clinic, Dr. Yunaev does his best to minimise the visibility of scars by concealing them under skin fold or along bra lines, so they don’t seem as apparent. In the case of a breast reduction, however, what if the procedure could be performed without any scarring at all?

We have been asked many times about a scarless breast reduction option, so today we will talk about the liposculpture technique that can reduce the size of the breasts without leaving the visible scars that can be a result of a traditional breast reduction.

The Advantages of Liposuction Breast Reduction

The use of liposuction over traditional breast reduction methods actually has a few more advantages than just a scar-free aesthetic. These can include:

  • Less trauma to the breast
  • A faster recovery time
  • Less postoperative complications
  • Assistance with shoulder and neck pain
  • More natural appearing results
  • Quicker results

The primary goal of a liposuction breast reduction, much like a standard breast reduction, is a smaller version of a woman’s breasts. The overall shape should remain somewhat the same, with only the size changing.

Who is Suitable for This Procedure?

The best candidates for a scarless breast reduction are those who are looking to decrease the size of the breasts without wanting or undergo breast lift in Sydney. If you have good skin tone and do not experience a large amount of sagging in the breasts, but wish your breasts had a smaller, more youthful or proportioned appearance, then this procedure may be right for you.

Women with a more significant proportion of fat or more glandular tissue which creates sagging pendulous breasts may require a traditional breast reduction. It is recommended that you have a consultation with Dr. Yunaev to determine if the scarless breast reduction procedure is suitable for you based on your current condition and goals.

scarless breast reduction sydney

Not a fan of scars on your breasts? You may be suitable for a scarless breast reduction, speak to the team at Breast and Body Clinic about this today!

Scarless Scars

While the title of a scarless liposuction breast reduction surgery gives the impression that the will be zero scarrings, in reality, there will be two very small incision marks per breast of roughly 3 mm in length. These marks will be almost invisible to the eye once they have finished healing, hence the scarless title.

The procedure itself is classed as an outpatient procedure which requires the use of local anesthesia with deep sedation or in some cases, general anesthesia administered by an anaesthetist. The procedure can take anywhere between one to two hours, and the scarless procedure is often much faster in terms of recovery than a standard reduction.

You will leave the procedure with light dressings and a support bra. It would be best if you wore only bras without underwires for 4 to 6 weeks after your procedure as you may experience some bruising and swelling. It should be noted, however, that it is quite rare to experience significant pain after this procedure, and you should be able to return to work within several days with light exercise after several weeks.

Are You Interested in a Scarless Breast Reduction?

If you feel as though you may be the right candidate for this procedure, contact the staff at the Breast and Body Clinic today to organise a consultation with Dr Yunaev to discuss your goals, assess your situation and find out if this is the right procedure for you.

Dr. Yunaev and his team are very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the various procedures and effective breast reduction in Sydney and will ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible with results that you will love, can restore comfort and reduce back or neck pain, and give you a newfound sense of confidence in your appearance. Speak to us about your new look today!

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