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What Price Should I Be Paying for Breast Reduction Surgery?

One of the most common queries we receive, about all procedures, is related to price. This makes sense, especially for those who are new to the world of cosmetic surgery and have no benchmark or ballpark figures to work with. Breast Reduction, in …

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Breast Reduction Mammoplasty Surgery Options – What to Choose

A breast reduction mammoplasty procedure is often a godsend for women with large or sagging breasts, as it provides relief for back, neck, and shoulder pain while also reducing the amount of unwanted attention to the chest area. Women of all ages can …

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How Can I Minimise Scars from a Breast Reduction Mammoplasty?

Scarring is, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of most invasive surgeries like a breast reduction mammoplasty procedure. However, the degree of scarring can vary. The most significant impact on the level of scarring comes down to the skills of your surgeon. Good surgeons will …

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Will a Breast Reduction Mammoplasty Lift My Breasts?

When it comes to altering the position of the breasts, two procedures often spring to mind, a breast lift/Mastopexy, and for those with larger breasts, breast reduction mammoplasty surgery. Both procedures are effective in refining the size or shape of the breasts, but …

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Scarless Breast Reduction Mammoplasty : Is it Possible?

FWe often tell our patients that any kind of invasive surgery is likely to result in some scarring. The intensity of that scar depends on a range of factors, however, including the healing ability of the patient, size, and time passed. Most scars …

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Jenny’s Breast Reduction Mammoplasty Journey… How Did I Get Here?

Making the choice to have breast reduction mammoplasty surgery can be intimidating. Women who want to have this life-changing so-called cosmetic surgery often worry about pain, about the safety of the surgery itself, and about the opinions of the people around them. Another …

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