Will a Breast Reduction Lift My Breasts?

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When it comes to altering the position of the breasts, two procedures often spring to mind, a breast lift, and for those with larger breasts, breast reduction surgery Sydney. Both of these procedures are effective in refining the size or shape of the breasts, but many women find themselves unsure of which is better suited? We also have many women asking if the breast reduction will also lift the breasts?

The answer differs for each patient, and the suitable procedure depends on your personal goals. Let’s examine the differences and similarities between the reduction and lift procedures to help give you a clearer idea of which path you may need to go down. For a definitive answer, however, at the Breast and Body Clinic we recommend a consultation with Dr. Yunaev, who will assess your situation, understand your goals, and give you an in-depth explanation of which procedure will be best for you.

Understanding the Breast Reduction

A breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, aims to reduce volume and weight in the breast area. This is achieved by removing excess skin, fat, and tissue and is best suited to women who have large breasts that are causing discomfort, unwanted attention, and other physical issues. It may even just be a personal preference in which you would rather have smaller breasts as you have limitations on your physical activity or trouble sleeping.

The breast reduction often gives the breasts a lifted appearance and can relieve things like back and neck discomfort or poor posture.

Understanding the Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is the most suitable procedure for those who have sagging breasts. The breast lift reshapes the breast tissue creating a more youthful aesthetic by restoring shape and volume. There are a number of reasons why, over time, the breasts begin to sag, the most common reasons being age, weight loss, or the results of breastfeeding.

The breast lift procedure will reposition the location of the breasts causing them to appear smaller despite the fact it is only excess skin that is removed, with all the breast tissue remaining. The breast lift procedure will often include a repositioning of the nipple and areolas to ensure a natural look is achieved.

Sagging breasts can cause women to feel insecure about the flat or drooping shape of their chest and downward pointed nipples.

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Unsure whether or not a breast lift or reduction will help you achieve your goals? Speak to the team at Breast and Body clinic about breast reduction surgery Sydney today.

How Do You Know Which Procedure is Best for Your Needs?

As mentioned earlier, the correct procedure for you will come down to your specific goals. The similarities of these two procedures can be found in their recovery process, which will vary from around 2 to 4 weeks in both cases. Every recovery process is different, however, based on your body’s natural healing abilities.

If you experience excess breast tissue and sagging, a combination of the reduction and lift procedures may help create the look you desire. All of this will be considered during your consultation with Dr. Yunaev with the best course of action explained in detail so you are confident with the path before proceeding.

Speak to the Breast and Body Clinic About Breast Reduction Surgery Sydney

The Breast and Body Clinic and Dr. Yunaev offer high-quality service and in-depth expertise in both the breast reduction and lift procedures. Dr. Yunaev will work closely with you to understand your goals, presenting the best option for the most natural results.

It is also worth noting that some breast reduction cases may be eligible for private health or medicare benefits if the procedure is required to treat situations like macromastia or breast hypertrophy. Speak to us today about your body goals and start down the path to both looking and feeling great.


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