What Is a Tummy Tuck and What Is Involved with the Procedure?

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The flat stomach is one of the most desired looks, while also being one of the hardest to achieve. When we gain weight, the tummy is often one of the first areas affected, and last to see a change. You may have worked hard and achieved a significant amount of weight loss, but still have excess skin or stubborn fat that just won’t go away?

This is where the tummy tuck, or mini tummy tuck, comes in. This procedure may be appropriate to help you achieve the stomach you desire. The primary goal of the tummy tuck procedure is improving the appearance of your abdomen, read on to learn more about how it does that.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

The tummy tuck procedure tightens the stomach area to create a more toned look. It can eliminate stretched or excess skin that may droop over your waistband, giving your stomach a much larger appearance than necessary.

For some women who have just had a pregnancy, the abdominal muscles may have separated, stretching the skin, creating a bulge. The issue of the bulge affects both men and women, which is why the tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty procedure, is often of significant benefit to all.

What Is Involved with the Tummy Tuck Procedure?

There are various options for tummy tuck surgery to suit the different severity of skin laxity and the amount of abdominal fat. All tummy tuck procedures are performed under general anaesthesia.

The mini tummy tuck is a less invasive procedure in which a small amount of skin is removed above the pubic area with or without liposuction depending on the patient’s needs. A full tummy tuck runs from hip bone to hip bone and involves excess skin being removed, with the remaining skin pulled down, and the navel relocated to an appropriate position.

To determine which is best for you, an evaluation of your current state is vital. This, combined with your body goals will help establish the best path forward. This will also be the time to discuss liposuction or any other procedure which can be combined with the tummy tuck to help you achieve the look you desire.

tummy tuck sydney

The team at the Breast and Body Clinic can help you achieve the flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

What Are the Risks Associated with A Tummy Tuck?

The tummy tuck procedure is a significant surgical operation, but it is important to note the track record of your surgeon. The Breast and Body Clinic has seen minimal adverse effects for patients who have undergone the tummy tuck. That being said, all surgical procedures come with an element of risk, and it is vital that you understand them before deciding on a procedure.

The tummy tuck procedure risks include infection and scarring as the major issues and various other medical risks. These are all explained in detail during your consultation before you decide to proceed.

Would You Like to Find Out If the Tummy Tuck Is Right for You?

If the tummy tuck sounds like a possible avenue you would like to explore further, book a consultation with Dr Yunaev as the first step. It is here that you will receive a definitive answer as to whether or not this procedure is best suited to help you achieve your goals.

The option of a more confident day-to-day is very possible with tummy tuck surgery, let’s work together to find out if this is a path toward a body that fills you with

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