Can a Tummy Tuck Give Me a Bikini Body After Having Children?

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Almost all women desire a bikini body, and many work hard to try and achieve or maintain one. However, what happens if you have a child? Alternatively, perhaps you have achieved a significant amount of weight loss, only to find there is excess skin or stubborn fat that seems unresponsive to your exercise routine or diet?

We have a lot of patients who ask us if a tummy tuck or in some cases, a mini tummy tuck, will help them achieve the bikini body they desire. The answer is not a simple yes or no, as results will vary per patient, but it is safe to say that the tummy tuck procedure will improve the appearance of your abdomen, bringing you much closer, if not achieving your body shape goals, depending on your expectations.

Why a Tummy Tuck?

The goal of the tummy tuck procedure is to tighten and create a more toned aesthetic that eliminates stretched or excess skin folds which can hang over the waistband.

During pregnancy in particular, your abdominal muscles may separate, and you can develop stretched or loose skin. This creates a bulge or pouch that makes many women feel a lack of confidence in their appearance. Stomach tissue that droops is sometimes unaffected by exercise and diet, which is why people, both men and women, look towards the tummy tuck, or as it is also known, abdominoplasty procedure.

How to Achieve the Best Results

To ensure that you obtain the best possible body, it would help to lose as much baby weight as you can before undergoing tummy tuck surgery. It is important to note that the tummy tuck procedure is not a substitute for weight loss.

If this does not happen, you may need to consider a dual procedure of both liposuction and a tummy tuck. Not only will this create the need for more recovery time, but it will also raise the cost.

Are There Any Risks Associated with A Tummy Tuck?

While the tummy tuck procedure is classed as a significant surgical operation, and all surgical procedures come with an element of risk, Dr. Yunaev and the team at Breast and Body Clinic are well-experienced in this surgery, having performed it many times on a wide variety of patients.

Before and After Image of a Tummy Tuck Performed by Breast and Body Clinic

Their knowledge and experience in this area has helped to significantly decrease the associated risks. It is crucial however, to be aware that a tummy tuck procedure comes with the risk of infection, scarring, and various other medical risks, which will be explained to you during your consultation.

Speak to the Team at the Breast and Body Clinic Today

Those thinking about having a tummy tuck post pregnancy, should first have a consultation with Dr. Yunaev to ensure that this is the right procedure based on your current situation and body shape goals. Dr. Yunaev has extensive experience with the tummy tuck surgery and can ensure that this procedure, or perhaps another depending on your situation, will set you on the path to being confident enough to wear that bikini!

The friendly team at the Breast and Body Clinic are here to help you. Contact us today, and we will look to ensure that you take the right steps on your path to a body that fills you with confidence and looks great in a bikini when it comes time to hit the beach!

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Dr Michael is a Specialist OncoPlastic and Cosmetic Breast and General Surgeon and is the Principal Doctor at Breast & Body Clinic. Dr Yunaev is a highly trained Surgeon with extensive experience and passion for treatment of all aspects of Breast Cancer Surgery, Benign and Congenital Breast Disease and Aesthetic Breast and Body Surgery, as well as General Surgery.

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