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Top Post-baby Body Concerns Women Look To Address with Cosmetic Surgery

Top Post-baby Body Concerns Women Look To Address with Cosmetic Surgery

Becoming a mother can be an incredibly special time in most women’s lives. Although it is a magical moment, childbearing can bring numerous changes to the women’s body that can impact patient’s self-confidence.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes drastic transformations. Some of them are only temporary, however, there are permanent changes that can occur which can lead to a series of self-esteem issues.

Women have to adapt to a vast number of changes after welcoming a new baby to life, including new body figures and maybe some drastic changes to their breasts.

“Many women come to see me after they had their children to seek advice on how they can regain their confidence and pre-baby body”, says Dr Michael Yunaev, Principal Surgeon at Breast & Body Clinic.


Common changes experienced

Body concerns experienced by females after childbearing includes deflated chests, sagging breasts, changes to the nipple and areola, stretch marks, saggy tummy and in some cases tummy separation.

Age and gravity will naturally cause most women’s breasts to droop at least somewhat over time. However, with pregnancy and breastfeeding, it puts the process into overdrive. The breast changes derived from the changes during pregnancy can go beyond the sagging. Nipples can change, areolas can grow in size, and breasts can actually lose volume. Breast deflation or decreased breast size is a very common complaint” says Dr Yunaev.

Women want to look restored and just get things back to where they were. They want to feel confident and correct the loss of youthful shape and size that have resulted from the pregnancy.

It is highly recommended that women adhere to a healthy lifestyle to assist gaining back their pre-pregnancy weight. However, diet and exercise alone might not be enough to restore permanent changes to the body including breast changes.

For mums wishing to regain their pre-pregnancy figure and their confidence, a breast and/or tummy surgery could be the answer.

“The best candidate—and the ones who get the best results—are people who are at their baseline weight, are done having kids, and are ready to maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward, recommends Dr Yunaev.”

Options to address the post-pregnancy breast concerns

One of the transformations experienced by women during pregnancy is the enlargement of their breasts. However, after breastfeeding, quite often women have to face a new image of themselves with breasts that decreased in size, and quite possibly have started to sag.

Breast surgeries, including breast implants and breast lifts, can bring so much joy to patients’ lives, where they can enjoy again the fullness of a larger breast or simply more youthful looking chests. Those transformations can make women feel much more attractive and this brings an enormous positive impact on their confidence.

One of the solutions offered by Dr Michael Yunaev is a surgery commonly called “Mummy Makeover”, where our patients can address different body concerns derived from pregnancy in one single larger surgery.

This procedure aims to restore patient’s pre-pregnancy body and consists of a combination of procedures that normally include breast and tummy surgeries. The ‘mummy makeover’ procedure is composed of a combination of techniques with the aim of providing patients with a harmonic result and achieving a pre-pregnancy aesthetic.

The surgery is tailored to each patient individual needs and may include:

• Breast lift
• Breast reshape
• Breast augmentation
• Breast reduction
• Tummy tuck
• Abdominal muscle and waist tightening
• Liposuction/liposculpture

While a mummy makeover can be a cosmetic procedure, it may also be partly a reconstructive procedure that is necessary to correct abdominal abnormalities caused by pregnancy.

A mummy makeover procedure is not a substitute for weight loss or as a replacement to an appropriate exercise program. Keep in mind that while the results of the procedure are technically permanent, the positive outcome can be greatly diminished by significant fluctuations in your weight.

For that reason, you may be asked to consider delaying the procedure if you are:

• In the process of losing weight, or are going to lose a lot of weight
• Planning to get pregnant again, as the result of the surgery may be lost

If you are bothered by the feeling that your body has been greatly affected by childbearing and would like to know more about post baby surgery, Dr Yunaev is well known for his breast and body surgical results and will discuss a tailored plan with you during your consultation.

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  • Top Post-baby Body Concerns Women Look To Address with Cosmetic Surgery
  • Top Post-baby Body Concerns Women Look To Address with Cosmetic Surgery
  • Top Post-baby Body Concerns Women Look To Address with Cosmetic Surgery
  • Top Post-baby Body Concerns Women Look To Address with Cosmetic Surgery

“My team and I are committed to tailoring a personalised approach to you and your concerns so that you may benefit from our expertise and we can meet your expectations.” Dr Michael Yunaev
MS (Breast Surgery), BreastSurgANZ Breast Fellow, Aesthetic Breast and Body Fellow, FRACS (General Surgery), MPH, BMedSc (Hons).