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Teenagers and Breast Reduction Mammoplasty– Starting the Conversation

Teenagers and Breast Reduction Mammoplasty– Starting the Conversation

More and more teenagers with very large breasts (a condition known as macromastia) are looking to a surgical solution for their woes.

Having excessively large breasts can be confusing, uncomfortable, painful and restricting all at once. Particularly for younger women, being significantly larger than your peers can make someone feel socially awkward, which in some cases could lead to bullying, exclusion and unwanted attention. This is in addition to physical issues such as back and neck pain, chafing from bras and lifestyle limitations, particularly in regard to physical activity and finding clothes that fit.


If this sounds like you, finding an expert breast reduction surgeon in Sydney that can perform a reduction mammoplasty – might be an option. It’s also an option that’s increasingly in demand, amongst adult and teenage women alike.

There are a few reasons for this. The rise of social media has led to many women wanting more balanced breasts. But there is a more straightforward reason – breasts are getting bigger.

Several reports have been released analysing and trying to make sense of this change. And while they all differ as to potential causes and indeed the average size of the increases, all agree that this phenomenon is bona fide.

The causes are varied. For some, weight gain is to blame. But for many women who are slim yet still have excessively large breasts, hormonal imbalances – specifically an increase in oestrogen triggered by environmental and lifestyle factors – may be the culprit.

Fortunately, breast reduction mammoplasty has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few years. It is now less invasive and requires less recovery time than before. Additionally, if it is being performed to alleviate physical pain or other health symptoms, patients may be able to claim a benefit from their health insurer.

However, choosing to undergo this procedure is a decision not to be taken lightly – particularly if you’re under 18.

“One reason is that for some women the breasts are not yet fully developed, and may continue growing after a reduction. The emotional rigours involved with undergoing a change in body shape at an age when many people are still emotionally developing should also be considered – says Breast Reduction Surgeon Dr Michael Yunaev, 

For teenage girls, it will be a decision that needs to be made with parental consent. But many may feel awkward and find it hard to broach the topic in the first place. The best approach is to be prepared.

Finding out as much information as you can is key. Naturally, the best approach initially is to seek information from a professional – talk to your family doctor about your reasons for wanting a reduction. This approach assures both confidentiality and an educated sounding board that can advise, according to your symptoms, whether a reduction procedure is appropriate.

You should also research what is involved in the procedure itself – how to prepare, what the surgery involves, any potential risks, what the recovery time is and any post-operative precautions to ensure the best result. Being armed with all this information will show that you have seriously considered all aspects involved.

Organise your thoughts – write them down if you have to – and then you’re ready to bring up what is a difficult subject.

Of course, there’s no one way to go about having the conversation itself. But tell your parents what you are experiencing due to your large breasts and how it makes you feel. Cite the research you have done and demonstrate that you understand the complexities involved in having surgery. But don’t just talk, listen to your parents’ feelings and concerns too. You want them to be open-minded so show them that you can be too. If they ask a question that you’re unsure of how to answer, go and find out and come back to them. Be prepared that they may need time to consider things too.

Once you and your parents have reached an understanding, then you can move forward to the next stage, with their support behind you.

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  • Teenagers and Breast Reduction Mammoplasty– Starting the Conversation
  • Teenagers and Breast Reduction Mammoplasty– Starting the Conversation
  • Teenagers and Breast Reduction Mammoplasty– Starting the Conversation
  • Teenagers and Breast Reduction Mammoplasty– Starting the Conversation

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