What Is the Best Surgery Option to Remove Man Boobs?

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The chest is a very important area for a man. A well-formed, muscular chest can boost a man’s confidence and their visual appeal. On the other hand, men who experience weight gain or a hormonal imbalance can develop large breasts, which is very damaging to their self-esteem and comfort in clothing or when shirtless.

This condition is known as Gynaecomastia, or as it can be colloquially known as ‘man-boobs’. Breast tissue that can swell, often unaffected by exercise and a healthy diet, leaving male breast reduction surgery as the best option to restore a look that men are much more comfortable with.

Dealing with Man Boobs

Men who suffer from Gynaecomastia have abnormally enlarged breasts, often due to enlarged glandular tissues. This can be brought on by obesity, hormonal situations, or the use of anabolic steroids.

While there are some effective non-surgical treatments for those who suffer from mild Gynaecomastia, significant cases will find that the best solution is a surgical one. The liposuction process used to combat man boobs offers minimal downtime and quick results.

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Gynaecomastia can cause both physical and mental discomfort in men of all ages.

What Is the Best Surgical Option?

The best option to combat Gynaecomastia involves liposuction and in some cases, the excision of breast tissue. This can be a solution for any male over 18 years that is medically cleared for surgery. Before undergoing this procedure, it is important to complete a medical evaluation with a cosmetic surgeon like Dr Yunaev to assess your current situation and avoid or quit smoking while also ceasing any anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal supplements.

The procedure, on average, will take around two hours. Performed as day surgery under general anaesthesia, the process involves liposuction to remove the extra fat deposits and create a more desirable shape for your chest. Dr Yunaev has performed this process many times, to excellent results that have positively changed the lives of many patients.

male breast reduction sydney

The Breast and Body Clinic can help you achieve the chest of your dreams via this relatively straightforward procedure.

Why Is This Method of Surgery Your Best Option?

Many men find that they do not see any change after making the particular lifestyle changes that often help achieve a healthy physique. Gynaecomastia is often unaffected by a quality diet or regular exercise, which can be very frustrating. Cosmetic surgery is the next step, as it presents a surefire way to rectify the issue.

The process of liposuction is designed to specifically target problem areas, improving the aesthetic with a safe procedure that has been perfected over the years. Stubborn areas of fat can be a problem for both men and women in all areas of the body, and while the liposuction process is not a method of weight loss, it can help tone specific sections to improve your self-confidence.

Does Gynaecomastia Surgery Sound Like the Right Solution for You?

If all of this sounds like it suits your situation and you would like to know more, speak to the team at the Breast and Body Clinic. We can organise the first step of the process, a consultation with Dr Yunaev, which will assess your situation and give you a greater understanding of the treatment and expected results.

The body of your dreams is likely much easier to achieve than you might think. Speak with a knowledgeable team who can outline the options available to you today.

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