Mummy Makeover

Dr Yunaev specialises in offering patients with surgical solutions for a rejuvenated aesthetic post-pregnancy. These procedures aim to restore the patient’s pre-pregnancy body, and consists of a combination of procedures that normally include breast augmentation with lift and tummy tuck surgeries.

Becoming a mother is an incredibly special time in most women’s lives. Although it is a magical moment, childbearing can bring numerous changes to the women’s body that can impact patient’s self-confidence.

At Breast & Body Clinic, our surgical procedures can address different body concerns derived from pregnancy in one single larger surgery.

Mummy Makeover Sydney

The surgery is composed of a combination of techniques with the aim of providing patients with a harmonic result and achieve a pre-pregnancy aesthetic. The surgery is tailored to each patient individual needs and may include:

As a result of the tailored surgery, a consultation is required to estimate the mummy makeover cost.

While they can be a cosmetic procedure, it may also be partly a reconstructive procedure that is necessary to correct abdominal abnormalities caused by pregnancy.

Your suitability

This is a major operation but is a well-tolerated one and importantly the results are long lasting. The scars for the tummy tuck element of the procedure can be hidden in the bikini line and are not usually obvious. This surgery requires special surgical expertise to minimise potential complications and to achieve good aesthetic results.

Dr Michael Yunaev does not recommend this procedure for people who are:

  • Not able to have an anaesthetic
  • Prone to bleeding tendencies or have poor healing ability
  • Too high risk of having surgical complications

The surgery is not a substitute for weight loss or as a replacement to an appropriate exercise program. Keep in mind that while the results of the procedure are technically permanent, the positive outcome can be greatly diminished by significant fluctuations in your weight.

For that reason, you may be asked to consider delaying the procedure if you are:

  • In the process of losing weight, or are going to lose a lot of weight
  • Planning to get pregnant again, as the result of the surgery may be lost

Surgery may be a good option for you if:

  • You are physically healthy and at a stable weight
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You are a non-smoker or have stopped smoking
  • You are bothered by the feeling that your body has been greatly affected by childbearing

Dr Yunaev is well known for his breast and body surgical results and will discuss a tailored plan with you during your consultation. We offer services in Potts Point, Camperdown, Rozelle (near Balmain) & Bella Vista (near Baulkham Hills, Blacktown and Parramatta). Our Southern Highlands clinic is located at Bowral (Near Wollongong and within reach of Canberra).

If you are searching for a mummy makeover near me, finding a conveniently located clinic is simpler than ever. We are located in:

  • Potts Point
  • Bella Vista
  • Camperdown
  • Rozelle
  • Bowral


To discuss your specific situation, please contact us at Breast & Body Clinic to book your appointment. Call today on (02) 9819 7449 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Mummy makeover Sydney


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