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Is It Vain to Want Cosmetic Surgery?

Is It Vain to Want Cosmetic Surgery?

Being a woman can often mean facing contradicting attitudes. Women are taught to be proud of their bodies, to dress up for every occasion and to use makeup and the right colours to look good. And yet when you decide to get cosmetic surgery, suddenly you start to feel guilty. You start to feel as if you’re being vain as if how you look and feel about yourself just isn’t that important. Impossible standards are put on the way women look, and yet the underlying assumption seems to be that women should achieve those standards naturally. But what happens if this just isn’t possible?

The Effects of Time on Your Body

Most women want to look good and feel good about their bodies. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to do. The female body comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and it changes with time as well. Genetics, the effects of ageing, and the demands of childbirth can and will change every part of your body and how it feels. And sometimes, those changes can leave you looking and feeling far from your best.

But it doesn’t stop there. These types of changes can also affect how your body works as well. Childbirth, for instance, is a wonderful and life changing event that can also lead to a variety of physical problems that can be both embarrassing and unappealing. This includes hernias, excess skin, sagging breasts or stomach, and even separated abdominal muscles. These kinds of problems can not only interfere with your daily physical activities, they can also absolutely destroy your self-confidence.

Why not Cosmetic Surgery?

Women are often brought up to be nurturers and to look after others. This is an incredibly noble and yet it can cause a lot of misguided guilt when these same women consider having cosmetic surgery and start trying to justify the cost of their surgery. And underneath this concern, there is always the worry that you’re being selfish by making the choice to have surgery, or that others will see it that way.

But the truth is these kinds of feelings are often misplaced. It’s not selfish to want to look and feel good. It’s definitely not selfish to take steps to free yourself from the functional and aesthetic problems that have arisen over time and negatively impact your daily life and its overall quality. In fact, it is very important to look after yourself, so you can participate in society and do what you want with your life.

How Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Your Life

The truth is that most women aren’t interested in cosmetic surgery that fundamentally changes who they are. For most women who look into these types of surgeries, the goal is to look and feel better, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Being comfortable with your own body can have a big influence on your self-esteem and on your self-confidence. When you look and feel good, you’re more likely to make life-improving changes that will enhance the quality of your life and your overall enjoyment of it. It will also help you to have a better relationship with your partner and improve the other relationships in your life as well.

Cosmetic surgery is like any other self-care activity. It is simply a tool, to help you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty about eating right or exercising because you know that your body needs these things in order to function properly. And cosmetic surgery, if you are the right candidate for it, is yet another way that you can use to look after your body and care for your emotional and mental health and happiness.

Moving Forward with Courage

Feeling ashamed or embarrassed of your body or of your desire to change or fix it will only make you feel worse and it won’t improve the underlying issue. If you have done your research, and have come to the conclusion that the improvements you want can’t be achieved with a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise alone, then it’s time to try another approach, to remind yourself that you’re worth the time and the money, and to do something about it.

Research the procedure you’re interested in, whether that’s a tummy tuck, a breast implant, a breast reduction or liposuction. Find a reputable surgeon and talk to them about your concerns and your options. And make time and space for the care and attention that your body needs.

If you would like to inquire about a cosmetic surgery procedure, or find out the costmetic surgery facts, please contact us here.

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  • Is It Vain to Want Cosmetic Surgery?
  • Is It Vain to Want Cosmetic Surgery?
  • Is It Vain to Want Cosmetic Surgery?
  • Is It Vain to Want Cosmetic Surgery?

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