How Does a Tummy Tuck Ease Post-Birth Back Pain?

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It is somewhat of an unknown fact that the tummy tuck procedure, which can help to reshape the abdomen, and can tighten weak muscles while also lessening the adverse effects on the body post pregnancy.

Back pain and urinary incontinence are two common experiences for women after giving birth, and this procedure, which is often considered as purely cosmetic, can have positive effects on both. So much so that some are even calling for it to be subsidised as more than just a cosmetic procedure. Breast and Body Clinic tummy tuck surgery Sydney can provide a number of benefits to women post-pregnancy, book a consultation today to find out more.

Understanding the Abdominoplasty

The aim of a  tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the removal of sagging skin and excess fat from the abdomen to reduce the bulge that these elements can often cause. The goal is a flatter, firmer stomach, but now the procedure is considered to have a functional purpose as well.

The tummy tuck procedure can help to repair the rectus diastasis, which is a muscle often separated after pregnancy while removing the skin from the umbilicus to the pubis. This brings the region back in line with the pre-pregnancy shape, restoring core strength and alleviating back pain and risk of further injury.

A Case Study

Recently, a study was conducted of 214 Australian women undergoing abdominoplasty with an average age of 42, the majority of which had given birth at least twice.

The study found that before surgery, 51 percent of the women suffered a disability from back pain, with 42.5 percent suffering from urinary incontinence. Nearly seven months after their procedures, only nine percent of the women reported back pain with less than two percent experiencing urinary incontinence.

The Plea to Medicare

Years ago, Medicare may well have covered the abdominoplasty procedure; however, in 2016, the Department of Health reclassified it as purely cosmetic.

This, however, could change as Medicare covers other procedures that relieve chronic pain. As it seems the abdominoplasty addresses pain and function issues as a result of pregnancy, Medicare may need to reconsider their stance. It will be interesting to see the development of this in the near future.

Did you know our tummy tuck Sydney procedure can help reduce back pain after pregnancy? Speak to us for more details. The option of a

The Option of a Mummy Makeover

Along with the pain relief a tummy tuck can provide, many women wish to feel better and more confident about their bodies post-pregnancy, which is why Breast and Body Clinic offer the  Mummy Makeover procedure. Pregnancy can leave many women wishing to regain a youthful volume or positioning of the breasts, for which a breast lift or implants can help to restore a more desirable position.

The Mummy Makeover can combine procedures like breast lift and tummy tuck to offer a better cost and recovery process for women who want to regain their sense of self and confidence in their body after pregnancy.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Sydney

The team at the Breast & Body Clinic, led by Dr. Yunaev, offer the tummy tuck procedure throughout Sydney. Tummy tuck surgery can also be appropriate for both men and women especially in cases where excess skin is left around the abdomen after significant weight loss.

If you are considering this procedure, or think the contents of this blog mirror your current situation, come and see us for an individual assessment at which we can determine the appropriate way forward. Call us today on (02) 9819 7449 and we will schedule a consultation with you straight away.

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