How Common Is Gynaecomastia? Is There a Way to Get Rid of It?

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Many people fail to realise just how common Gynaecomastia is. More than half of all boys develop the condition during puberty, even though it will disappear when they age, and around 1 in 3 older men develop it due to a range of factors. It is important to determine the specific causes for your situation before deciding on a solution.

The male breast reduction procedure can help to decrease the extra tissue that can develop in the chest tackling the dreaded “man boobs” and helping to restore confidence in one’s body. This process is a way to reinstate a level of comfort, and more importantly confidence in your life.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Man Boobs?

Male breast reduction surgery is an effective way of reducing the excess glandular tissue that forms in the breasts, creating a feminine shape and appearance to them. The procedure achieves a more desirable look and shape to the male breast by excisional surgery combined with liposuction.

The frustration and embarrassment that gynaecomastia can cause, especially when someone desires to be topless, are worsened when men undergo a healthy diet and exercise to no effect. Cosmetic surgery looks to alleviate these negative feelings, setting men down a positive body path that can help to boost their confidence levels.

What Is Causing My Gynaecomastia?

While gynaecomastia is often developed during puberty, there are many other factors, such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, that can contribute to it as an adult. Some men even experience the condition as a result of prescription medication, steroid use, liver disease or tumors in the brain, testicles and other areas.

Considering how many varying factors there are that can contribute to the development of gynaecomastia, it is vital to be evaluated by a professional to understand the reasons you have developed it. This should be done before any scheduling of a gynecomastia treatment.

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Male breast reduction surgery can help restore a chest area that you are confident in and proud of.

If I Undergo A Male Breast Reduction Procedure, What Can I Expect?

For those who experience significant size and weight in the chest area, the gynecomastia procedure can provide a range of new shapes and sizes to the breasts. The specific look for you will come down to an aesthetic you like, with some consideration to what is possible based on your body shape and current situation.

Many patients who undergo this procedure experience an increase in their self-confidence thanks to a more desirable shape and tone to their chest area. This surgery can also provide you with more comfort when shirtless in the summer due to a more masculine or sporty appearance to your figure. You will likely experience a more comfortable fit to your clothing along with less discomfort when running or training.

You do not need to live with the embarrassment or discomfort of oversized male breasts. This procedure is very common with many men realising the benefits of gynaecomastia surgery.

Interested In Learning More About Gynaecomastia Surgery?

If this cosmetic procedure is of interest to you, the first step is to book in a proper consultation to undergo an evaluation, discuss your goals, and discover the best options available to you. Suitable for men who have seen no change in their chest as a result of diet and exercise, male breast reduction surgery may be able to help.

Dr. Yuneav at the Breast and Body Clinic will work with you to clarify any concerns you may have, while assessing your condition and goals to determine the best path forward. Contact our experienced team today to book your consultation and together we will help reinstate your sense of self-confidence and comfort.

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