Gall Bladder Surgery

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is one of the most common operations that general surgeons perform.  It is performed for a range of indications starting from pain related to gall stones, to acute infection and inflammation of gall bladder, to blockages caused by gall stones leading to cholangitis (a nasty life threatening infection) and pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas, which can be serious and life threatening sometimes).

As anyone who’s ever had these gall stone related problems will tell you, they never want to experience these symptoms again, as they can be quite severe.  So appropriate and timely surgical intervention is key to having good quality of life once these symptoms begin.

As a patient, what is important to realise is that most of the time this procedure can be performed safely and laparoscopically (that is key hole), with minimum complications.  However, this is major surgery and as such does carry important range of potentially serious complications.

To minimise these, it is best to perform this operation in an elective setting or very early on in inflammatory phase.  The risks increase significantly if the timing is not ideal.

To discuss this in more detail please arrange an appointment with us to weight up pros and cons.