If you have a busy life style and would like to get an estimate of the cost of your potential procedure you can upload photos with good lighting and dark background of the area/s of your concern. Dr Yunaev will assess and we will get back to you with the best treatment option and an estimated cost of the recommended procedure as soon as we can. Please note that we do not provide quotations over the phone or email, Dr Yunaev needs to assess the patient in person through our medical consultation to give you precise cost info and the best option for the surgical procedure.


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Upload areas photos

Please make sure that the area/s are exposed and not distorted. Maximum file size is 2MB. If your picture is too big, please resize (reduceimages.com) and/or reduce its weight (tinypng.com). Note that depending on the number of images and the device you're using, it can take up to one minute to upload, so please be patient.

If you prefer to email the photos please send to: pm@bbclinic.com.au and Dr Yunaev will review them and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We abide by our privacy statement. Your information will not be shared.