Access a trusted and experienced surgeon to ensure that you are on the right path toward the body you desire. Dr Yunaev is a highly-trained surgeon who can boost your self-confidence thanks to our large range of procedures.

Whether you are considering a breast augmentation or a range of other possible surgical treatments, Dr Yunaev is a surgeon who can help. As a Specialist (Oncoplastic) and General Surgeon, he provides a large amount of experience and in-depth levels of care for every patient.

The many surgical reconstructive options available

Our large list of treatments is designed to help you both look good and feel good. Each patient will require a consultation during which we will consider your medical history and goals. From here, we will find the right cosmetic surgery that is best suited to a happier, more confident you.

The options available at our centre include:

Dr Yunaev is a trusted surgeon that operates and consults via our Potts Point, Bella Vista, Camperdown, Rozelle and Bowral locations, making it easier for those in Lismore and Ballina to gain access.

cosmetic reconstructive breast body surgery lismore

Considering a breast reconstruction? Dr Yunaev is a surgeon who can help via his private hospital in NSW.

cosmetic reconstructive breast body surgery lismore

Men can also benefit from surgery as well. Dr Yunaev’s male breast reduction can help.

Understanding the costs associated with your breast surgery

We understand that surgery fees are a significant consideration in the decision-making process. Our price list is designed to be as affordable and accessible as possible with a self-funded option that has no interest and minimal upfront setup fees.

Your specific procedure will determine the cost, and a full, detailed quote will be provided after your consultation. It is important for Dr Yunaev to run a medical assessment to understand how in-depth your procedure will be. Your consultation will come at a price of $260, with an option in particular medical cases for a Medicare rebate of $73.

Dr Yunaev: A cosmetic surgeon Lismore patients can trust

With an expansive portfolio, Dr Yunaev is a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon with experience across a range of sectors including reconstructive surgery, other reconstruction or skin cancer-related concerns. With an accreditation from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), Dr Yunaev has comprehensive training in general surgery, Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, and aesthetic Surgery.

Whether you require a breast reconstruction or a range of surgical body treatment or have a skin cancer issue, Dr Yunaev’s highly-trained team strives to ensure that your chosen treatment creates a positive impact in your life.

Peace of mind comes with a skilled surgeon, and Dr Yunaev and his team work to ensure your complete comfort. Dr Yunaev will provide you with the necessary information to decide how to move forward. You will also get information about breast cancer, skin cancer and related issues so you can make an educated decision about what’s the best treatment for you.

cosmetic surgery lismore

Find a surgeon you can trust. Dr Yunaev strives to ensure the best results.

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Speak to a reconstructive breast specialist

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