If you have been considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, and live in the regions of or near Sawtell, Dr Yunaev at Breast & Body Clinic can help. With a range of surgery options, our skilled team can improve your look and comfort levels.

As a Specialist Breast (Oncoplastic), Dr Yunaev offers an exceptional portfolio of work. No matter which particular path forward you are considering, he and his team will ensure you choose the best option for your needs. Read on to learn about our cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options.

Dr Yunaev offers a significant range of surgery options and is a specialist with a significant amount of experience. We believe how you look directly affects how you feel. As an Australian surgical expert, Dr Yunaev can provide you with a treatment well matched to your needs.

The first step is a private consultation to assess your goals. During this meeting, your current state and future wishes will be considered to determine which options may be best for you. From here the following options will be matched with that of your needs.

Cosmetic surgery Coffs Harbour and Sawtell options

Our treatments include:

We will make sure that your cosmetic surgery journey is both safe and comfortable. Dr Yunaev is well-known for spending a significant amount of time during your appointment to understand your needs and wants exactly.

Our consultation locations in NSW include Potts Point, Bella Vista, Camperdown, Rozelle and Bowral. Make contact today to book an appointment and start down the path of looking and feeling your best.

Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery Coffs Harbour

Dr Yunaev offers many forms of breast augmentation. Patients can access all of the treatments with ease at our clinic today.

Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery Sawtell

Dr Yunaev can even help men improve their look with a range of surgical options available.

The cost of a specialist and your procedure

The price of your procedure will be made much clearer after your consultation. We work hard to ensure all of our pricing is affordable, so everyone has the opportunity to improve their look.

We offer self-funded options with no interest and minimal upfront setup fees. The first consultation will be at a price of $260 with an option for a Medicare rebate ($73) in particular cases. The no-obligation quote you receive from our team is an important part of the decision-making process, along with the answers to your questions, provided by our specialist.

Dr Yunaev, a surgical expert in Australia that you can trust

Dr Yunaev received his accreditation via the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). Now based in NSW, he gained experience and extensive training in General Surgery, Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery all over Australia. His amazing portfolio of work is the reason why so many prospective patients get in contact with him, to improve the way they look and feel.

Our team offers the highest levels of care and ensures that you have chosen the right path forward for your aesthetic goals. As one of the most trusted Australian clinics on offer, you’ll make a positive change with the help of our team.

cosmetic surgery coffs harbour sawtell

Dr Yunaev works closely to ensure all patients are comfortable with the surgical path laid out for them.

Read our reviews to learn more

A great way to feel more confident about your decision moving forward is to understand what experiences other patients have had. This gives you a realistic look into the surgery journey for others who have undergone the procedures you are considering.

We are prevented by law as a medical or health practice to publish testimonials on our website, but all BBC reviews are available at the following channels:


If you have any questions about the treatments and their specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are always happy to help to ensure you are comfortable and confident.

Have you been considering a surgical improvement to your look?

Make a positive change today with Dr Yunaev. Simply call (02) 9819 7449 or contact us via email at info@bbclinic.com.au. Every Australian has access to our services, and we work hard to ensure you are on the path to a happier, brighter and more confident future.