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Common Myths About Liposuction

Common Myths About Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed worldwide. Yet many misconceptions exist about the procedure. Before considering it for yourself, you should make sure you have all the facts. Here we separate them from the fiction:

Myth 1: It’s a weight loss procedure
Liposuction is not a way for overweight people to trim down. If you are overweight or obese, the way to correct this is with diet and exercise. Depending on your personal situation, a doctor may even suggest you consider undergoing bariatric surgery. Once a person is at their ideal weight, effective liposuction in Sydney is then a good way to address stubborn fat deposits in certain areas and to sculpt the body further.


Myth 2: It’s only for women
Historically, the majority of patients undergoing the procedure have been women, but more and more men are now having liposuction than ever before, whether it be to address love handles, sculpt the tummy area or address the chest.

Myth 3: It’s not surgery
As it is often performed as a day procedure, some patients erroneously assume liposuction is not actually a type of surgery. Liposuction is indeed surgery, and as such, requires both anaesthesias during the procedure and rest and recovery afterwards. You will be required to take time off and avoid strenuous physical activity post-procedure as you would for any surgery.

Myth 4: Results are instant
No, you won’t be able to exit the clinic and flaunt your new body right away. While the fat has been removed, your body needs time to heal properly so that the true result of the procedure can be seen. There is likely to be swelling, which can be reduced using a compression garment, usually for about two weeks following the procedure.


Myth 5: It doesn’t hurt
As with any surgery, yes it can cause soreness! The level of pain experienced after a procedure will depend on factors such as a person’s health, which areas have been treated and how many. Pain medication is usually necessary during the early stages of recovery and the treated areas can remain tender for a few months.

Myth 6: Removed fat will return
The fat that is removed by liposuction is gone for good. It will not return in the areas that have been treated or elsewhere. However, this does not mean patients can maintain an unhealthy lifestyle and expect not to gain weight. Fat cells in other areas of the body will still expand if you don’t look after yourself, so it is important to eat well and exercise regularly.

Myth 7: Liposuction treats cellulite
Contrary to misconceptions, cellulite is not a type of fat but a condition where the skin develops a dimpled appearance. So you can have fat beneath the skin removed but cellulite can indeed remain, or even look worse due to depressions created in the skin. The good news is there are other ways to treat cellulite, which your doctor can advise.



Myth 8: Older people should not have liposuction
Health is actually more of a determinant than the age of someone’s suitability to undergo the procedure. For older patients, a medical examination can determine if it is the right choice. One thing to be mindful of, however, is that skin loses elasticity with age, and this could affect the result.

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  • Common Myths About Liposuction
  • Common Myths About Liposuction
  • Common Myths About Liposuction
  • Common Myths About Liposuction

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