Breast lift or Augmentation or Both?

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They are three of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for women, but people often confuse breast augmentations, breast lifts and a combination of the 2 procedures known as a Breast Lift and Augmentation

All can help women who wish to recapture a more youthful appearance, however, the ways in which each procedure achieves this are totally different. If you are considering either procedure, it is important to know the difference.   

Over time, all breasts change. Factors such as age, pregnancy, and changes in weight all affect breast shape. Depending on the degree of changes in your breasts, one or the other or both procedures in combination may be best suited to address these concerns.  For instance, one of the most common complaints women have is drooping breasts, otherwise known as breast ptosis. Depending on the degree of breast ptosis, a breast augmentation surgery alone won’t be sufficient, so a lift or a combination of the two approaches may be necessary to achieve the desired look.  

In short, which procedure is right for you depends very much on what result you want to achieve, as well as the anatomical changes that have occurred in your body over time. 

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation involves the inserting of implants, made from either saline or silicone, into the breast in order to increase their size and alter their shape. This procedure is suitable for women who are seeking to have fuller or more symmetrical breasts or women who want their breasts to be more in proportion to their figure. To a limited extent, augmentation can also help with sagging. 

Once the choice is made to pursue this option, the next decision to be made is what kind of implants to use. Silicone implants provide a natural feel and are more suitable for most women, as they can help alter the underlying breast plate (the chest area on which a breast sits) and therefore not only address size but also the shape of the breast itself. Saline implants (which are rarely used nowadays) work well for women who prefer to avoid silicone implants and have naturally perfect breasts only requiring a size adjustment overall. 

Breast Lift Surgery

By contrast, breast lifts on their own do not involve the use of implants. Rather, a breast lift involves reshaping the existing natural breasts by lifting and tightening the tissue resulting in firmer, perkier and more youthful looking breasts. This is an excellent option to correct drooping, however on its own will not result in fuller breasts. 

Women who wish to correct drooping and increase breast volume can elect to have both procedures performed, either at the same time (known as an augmentation/mastopexy) or in staged surgeries, depending on patient’s own circumstances and preferences. 

The decision of which procedure is most suitable, or indeed whether an augmentation/mastopexy is the right option, should not be made lightly. Be sure to consult with your surgeon and be clear about what you’re seeking to achieve. Make sure that you understand what each involves, what the risks are and what the recovery is like. At the end of the day, it is a personal decision – and it is your decision – but it should be an informed one. 


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