Why is the Breast Lift Procedure Relevant After Weight Loss?

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Many women have the goal of – or struggle with – losing weight. A slim, fit physique is desirable, empowering, and often healthy; however, achieving a healthy amount of weight loss can also affect the shape and look of their breasts, potentially causing an undesired look.

This works against the goal of weight loss, which is to be happier with your figure. It can be hard to feel happier if one element is moving backwards while the others are showing signs of progress. Even more so, women who have already had a breast lift do not want to see the results of their procedure diminished with changes in other parts of their body.

Let’s look at the options for a breast lift procedure, and the effect that weight loss will have on those procedures both before and after.

How Does Weight Loss Affect Breast Size?

A healthy body means achieving an ideal body mass (BMI), but breast tissue can be affected when you lose weight as it may be partially or completely fatty in many women depending on where they are in breast involution cycle. Exercise and other fat-burning activities can target the fatty component of the breast tissue, causing them to decrease in size. If a woman experiences significant weight loss, breasts will not only become smaller but possibly also sag, creating excess skin, which does not tighten in the same way that the underlying tissue does.

Breast Sagging

Sagging breasts are known as breast ptosis, which can be caused by simple gravity as well as weight loss. Breasts can often droop or begin to point downwards, which can cause feelings of embarrassment or a lack of confidence in appearance.

A breast lift procedure is often common after significant weight loss to help restore or improve the shape, size, and position of the breasts. A breast lift is also known as Mastopexy, and it works to reshape and lift the breasts to a natural position. If you have ample natural breast tissue, a breast lift may be all that is required to combat the sagging skin. This procedure will remove the excess skin, elevating the breasts and nipples.

Breast Lift Procedures Options Post-Weight Loss

The standard breast lift will help to reshape your breasts with the goal of restoring them to a natural position. This procedure is suitable for women who have a large amount of natural breast tissue, and simply require the removal of excess skin.

However, in cases where the breast tissue has decreased, a combined procedure with implants may be required. Slightly more complicated, a mastopexy-augmentation will restore size and cleavage while also improving the position of the breasts.

Breast Lift With Implants or Fat Transfer

If the breast tissue has decreased as well, you may require a combined procedure of a breast lift with implants or fat transfer. Slightly more complex, this procedure not only lifts the breasts but also increases the size.

Before and After Image Of A Breast Lift Performed By Dr Michael Yunaev from Breast And Body Clinic

It is important to note that if you opt for this procedure with a fat transfer as opposed to implants, further weight loss may affect the size of your breasts, as you will have natural fat deposits from your body that can be affected by exercise. On the plus side, the fat transfer procedure can also double as liposuction on a different area of your body. There is also the option of a breast reduction and lift for those with the opposite issue of too much weight in their breasts.

Knowing Which Is The Right Option For You

To determine which procedure is best for you, be it just a breast lift or one with implants or a fat transfer, you should first arrange a consultation with Dr. Yunaev from the Breast and Body Clinic. During the consultation, Dr. Yunaev will assess the condition of your breasts, while discussing the look you are hoping to achieve, to determine the best recommendation.

Factors such as your breast tissue, skin quality, elasticity and nipple location will all be taken into account to determine how to get you the best, and most natural looking results.

Speak to the team at the Breast and Body Clinic today about booking a consultation as part of your next steps for achieving the look that you’ve always wanted. We are on-hand to answer all of your questions while providing all of the necessary information for ensuring that you are comfortable with your preferred procedure, and that you are well on your way to a body that instills you with confidence.

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