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Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides an opportunity

Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides an opportunity

This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides an opportunity to educate and understand the impact of breast cancer on our community. Join all of the Australian women who are raising their voices to shine a light on breast cancer awareness. 57 Australians a day are diagnosed with this disease which is 20,000 women a year. Over 3200 Australian women will have their lives cut short by breast cancer, making it all the more important to educate Australians on the effects of breast cancer. Survival rates are improving, with 92 out of 100 women with breast cancer surviving for five or more years post diagnosis

This year’s theme is RISE: Rally in Supporting, Serving and Screening Everyone. The October RISE program has an accompanying calendar for the month of October that details the focus of each week: education, empowerment, action, community and hope. Breast cancer awareness month is the right time to learn about signs of breast cancer and to educate your friends and family.

Check your breasts

This year the National Breast Cancer Foundation encourages women to be aware of their breasts and check their breasts regularly for irregular signs.

The signs to look for include:

  • Lumps in the breasts
  • Changes in size and shape of the breasts
  • Changes to the nipple, such as crusting, redness, inversion, ulcers and nipple discharge
  • Changes to the skin of the breasts such as redness or dimpling
  • Pain in the chest area that does not leave

Whilst these signs do not definitely mean you have breast cancer, these signs are an indication that you should see your doctor for a screening and ensure your breasts are healthy. Dr Yunaev and our team at Breast and Body Clinic understand the importance of empowering women with resources and information on breast cancer.

How to help

If you are wondering how you can help the National Breast Cancer Foundation this October, there are several things you can do.

  1. Take the Mammo Pledge to help your support network to understand how to perform a mammogram.
  2. Volunteer with an organization that supports and helps women.
  3. Host a fundraiser or donate money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to fund cancer research.
  4. Share information about Breast Cancer Awareness on social media.

Breast and Body Clinic

This October, book a consultation with your GP or specialist to undergo a breast screening.

Here at Breast and Body Clinic, we provide options for women who have been diagnosed with or undergone cancer treatment. Dr Yunaev specialises in utilising cutting edge approaches to get the best possible oncological and aesthetic results for his patients.  He also ensures that they have options to rebuild their breast volume, positioning and confidence. We offer breast reconstruction for women who have undergone breast cancer treatment and are looking to restore their appearance with natural looking breasts. At the Breast and Body Clinic we can rebuild breasts with the insertion of implants or with tissue. 

In your consultation for breast cancer surgery or breast reconstruction, Dr Yunaev will discuss your medical history and will get to know you and your needs. We aim to provide you with the best care and support possible at our clinic. Contact our team to book your next consultation with us as we support you on your recovery journey.

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides an opportunity
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides an opportunity
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides an opportunity
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides an opportunity

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