Different Types of Breast Augmentation Procedures

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breast augmentation procedure

The breast augmentation procedure can vary in terms of how it is performed, the breast implants used and their placement. This is all, of course, dependent on your personal preferences along with the current state of your breasts. When I sit down with you for a consultation, the first step in any cosmetic journey, we will discuss your goals, and determine which methods will be best for you,

To help give you a better understanding of the procedure beforehand however, let’s delve into the different techniques for breast augmentations that involve implants.

Breast Augmentation Procedure Incision Types

Inframammary Fold Incision 

This procedure tends to allow more direct control of implant positioning as it involves an incision in the fold underneath the breast. This is a very popular method for the Breast Augmentation as the incision placement has a minimal effect on the milk-producing areas of the breast.

The incision made during the Inframammary fold augmentation can be reused if complications arise or additional surgeries are required. Well-suited to older patients and mothers as any natural sag in the breast allows for an easily hidden surgical incision in most cases.

Young, thin women or those who are yet to have children may experience a more visible scar, as there is no crease under their breasts.

Periareolar Incision

This procedure involves an incision around the nipple-areolar complex, which allows any scarring to blend into the edges of the areola. This incision sits close to the milk-producing parts of the breast, which can create a higher risk of issues around breastfeeding and nipple sensation.  It also comes with a higher risk of implant infection or implant bacterial colonisation which can lead to other complications.

Those with smaller breasts with little to no fold under their breasts often prefer this procedure option.

breast augmentation sydney

The Breast Augmentation Procedure type is dependent on your personal preferences along with the current state of your breasts.

Trans-Axillary Incision

This procedure involves an incision in the armpit so an implant can be positioned either above or below the muscle. In most cases, an endoscope will be used during this process, which is a small, fibre-optic camera, to allow good visibility during the surgery.

The reason a trans-axillary augmentation may be used is the complete avoidance of a scar on the actual breast; however, it is a little more challenging to achieve a symmetrical implant position via this method.  A high riding malpositioned implant is one of the common side-effects of this approach.

It should also be noted that should a correction be required due to any post-operative issues; additional incisions will likely be required on the breast. Scars may be visible if the patient is to wear sleeveless clothing or bathing suits.

Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) Incision

Of all options, this method is the newer approach to the Breast Augmentation Procedure. By making an incision through the belly button, an endoscope is used to tunnel to a pocket under the breast. From here, the implant is inserted through the same tunnel and inflated with saline.

As a result, this method is only possible if subglandular saline implants are being used. These implants have a slightly higher risk of damage and will often not fall under any manufacturer warranty if the TUBA method is used. Due to all of this, the TUBA approach is not recommended.

breast augmentation procedure sydney-min

A before and after example of a Breast Augmentation performed by Dr Yunaev.

Implant Placement

It is also important to consider implants placement which will differ depending on which approach above is used. Breast implants can be placed behind the breast tissue (subglandular) or behind the pectoralis chest muscles (submuscular) or in a combination of the two (dual plane).

The most popular option in our clinic is the dual plane placement followed by subglandular placement, depending on the type of implant chosen and a range of other factors.

Want to Know More About the Right Breast Augmentation for You?

It starts with the booking of a consultation at which all of your questions will be answered, you’ll receive the precise surgical quote, and understand which of the above processes is best for you. The Breast Augmentation surgical procedure has prices starting from $80 a week* with no interest and minimal upfront setup fees.

Together we will create the results you are hoping for, helping you feel more comfortable with your body. Let’s begin your cosmetic journey today.

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