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3 Top Reasons Why Patients Might Need A Breast Implant Revision

Breast Revision Surgery is a common procedure, which is performed for many different reasons. With the number of breast implant related procedures skyrocketing over the last years in Australia; there has been a significant increase in the number of patients needing breast implant …

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Falling Victim To Medical Tourism

In a recent conversation with a rozelle medical centre colleague, I heard about a patient that arrived distressed in Melbourne calling in a favour from her Cosmetic-Doctor-friend for an urgent recommendation for a Melbourne-based Facial specialist breast and general surgeon . Unfortunately, this …

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3 Tips If You Want To Avoid The Wrong Aesthetic Surgeon

Amidst the recent sad news of a Sydney salon manager who died after a botched breast procedure and a number of other recent plastic-surgery-horror stories around the world, patients considering undergoing a plastic surgery might be feeling that the cosmetic industry is chaotic …

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Top Post-baby Body Concerns Women Look To Address with Cosmetic Surgery

Becoming a mother can be an incredibly special time in most women’s lives. Although it is a magical moment, childbearing can bring numerous changes to the women’s body that can impact patient’s self-confidence. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes drastic transformations. Some of …

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Breast Surgery Increases Patient Access To Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a complex and often, multidisciplinary treatment option for patients undergoing breast cancer operations in Australia. For years, the rates of post mastectomy reconstruction have remained very low at around 6% (1), despite an abundance of technical skills and expertise in …

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Benign Breast Disorders: Practical Guide And When To Refer

By Dr Michael Yunaev – Specialist Breast and General Surgeon Benign breast disorders are a common group of conditions, with frequent presentations to General Practitioners. Identifying patients with straightforward problems that require reassurance alone versus the ones that require specialist breast surgeon referral …

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