About The Team

Members of the Multi Disciplinary Treatment Group and Referring Specialists

Breast Surgeon
Medical Oncology Consultants
Prof. Jane Beith
Dr Catriona McNeil
Dr Michelle Harrison
Radiation Oncology Consultants
Dr Susan Carroll
Dr Joanne Toohey
Dr Regina Tse
Dr Kavita Morarji
Anatomical Pathology Consultants .
Prof. Sandra O’Toole
Paul Mckenzie
Elizabeth Robbins
Radiology Consultants
Dr Deb Stephens
Dr Alison Green
Dr Ellie Mulyadi
Dr Haewon Kim
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
Dr Alex Phoon
Cancer Genetics Consultant
Dr Annabel Goodwin
Breast Care Nurses/ Breast Clinic Nurse
Ruth Mirto
Kate Bilton
Ann Carrigy
Jennie Dransfield