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What Food To Eat Before & After Abdominoplasty

What Food To Eat Before & After Abdominoplasty

When preparing for abdominoplasty, thinking about the kinds of food you should be eating before and after your procedure can help to ensure that you’re setting your body up for a successful healing process. The ideal abdominoplasty food will of course be slightly different for each patient, as people have all kinds of allergies and sensitivities to certain foods, but we can give you some good food options that can support a well-balanced diet.

At Breast & Body Clinic in Sydney, we can chat about the right foods to have throughout your surgical journey during an in-person consultation, so that we can consider your personal health needs and preferences.

Pre-procedure abdominoplasty food

Before your procedure, the best abdominoplasty food will have the nutrients you need to maintain good health, as well as even prevent excessive inflammation or swelling after the procedure. When it comes to dietary needs, everyone is different, and so there is no perfect list of food that every patient should adhere to. However, there are some good foods that can work in general to set your body up for success.
Make sure you’re getting the basic nutrients that you need, and that you’re eating enough to supply your body with the level of energy that it needs to keep everything working efficiently. Protein sources like fish, lean meat and yogurt, and vitamin-filled fruits and vegetables are always a good choice.

Recovery abdominoplasty food

After your procedure, you’ll need to make sure that you are staying hydrated, and following a simple diet that will provide you with the nutrients and energy that your healing body will need. Foods like vegetable soups, fruit (especially fruit with high water content like watermelon), high-protein yogurt, lean meat and fish, and grains that will give you energy like wholegrain bread and oats.

While your body is recovering, you will need sufficient amounts of protein and vitamins that you can typically get from vegetables, fish, lean meat and fruit. The somewhat tricky part of managing your food intake after your procedure is figuring out just how much you need – you will need to eat enough to support your body in its healing process, but an appropriate amount for the amount of physical activity you are now doing, which will typically be less than usual. When it comes to calories or just watching food intake in general, you really need to seek personalised advice from your doctor as opposed to guessing or using information on the internet. If you have any specific dietary needs or conditions, you should definitely see your doctor or dietician before your procedure, so that they can help you plan your diet properly.

Abdominoplasty food is of course not a one-size-fits-all list of ideal foods, but rather what works for you as an individual while ensuring that you are getting the nutrients, vitamins and energy that you need. This philosophy applies for before and after your procedure, and really, at any stage in life!

What to avoid before and after your procedure

Firstly, you will very likely be instructed by your surgeon to avoid alcohol for a recommended duration of time before and after your procedure. Alcohol can be a blood thinner and can raise the likelihood of encountering potential complications after surgery, as well as potentially interfere with any medications you might need to take to manage pain. You will also need to stop smoking, which can cause healing and respiratory problems, for six weeks before and after surgery.

A high sodium intake can also contribute towards swelling, inflammation and dehydration. Ideally, you should avoid really salty foods before and after surgery.

Especially for those with insulin-related health issues, a high sugar diet should also be avoided to ensure that your body can regulate glucose production. Putting your body under any kind of stress than can be caused by really sugary foods or drinks can put strain on your healing process after surgery, which you absolutely want to avoid in order to recover faster!

Get personalised advice from Dr Yunaev

Sydney’s specialised Breast & Body Clinic is the perfect place for you to come in and discuss any and all of your concerns, ask questions and get all the information you need about your abdmionoplasty procedure. From the best abdominoplasty food for you to the details of the surgery, a consultation with Dr Yunaev will help you feel prepared for and confident about your journey back to your pre-pregnancy figure.

You can book your consultation now online or call us to discuss your needs or ask any questions.

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  • What Food To Eat Before & After Abdominoplasty
  • What Food To Eat Before & After Abdominoplasty
  • What Food To Eat Before & After Abdominoplasty
  • What Food To Eat Before & After Abdominoplasty

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